The Application Process: Participating Schools

Participating Schools

The Aaron Price Fellows Program selects 40 Fellows at the end of their 9th grade year from the following five public high schools in the San Diego Unified School District:


The Price Family selected these five schools to create ethnically and socioeconomically diverse classes of Fellows that represent San Diego’s suburban and urban communities.  The student bodies at University City and Point Loma High Schools reflect San Diego’s suburban neighborhoods.  The Price Family has a special connection to Point Loma High School because that is where Aaron and his sisters attended high school.  The student bodies at Lincoln, Hoover and San Diego High Schools reflect San Diego’s diverse urban neighborhoods.  The Price Family felt it was particularly important to include Hoover High School given Price Philanthropies long term interest and investment in the City Heights community where Hoover High School is located.   In addition, Sol and Robert Price are alumni of San Diego High School.

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For more information about the application process at each school, please contact:

Hoover High School: Kasimu

Lincoln High School: Clayton

Point Loma High School: Sarah

San Diego High School: Patrick

University City High School: David Malo

General Program Questions:

Alejandra Cordova

(619) 795-2005 –