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In addition, Fellows are eligible for the following three scholarship awards.

Scholarship Awards

Photo award of Willie

Willie James Jones Award

$2,500 Awards

Willie James Jones was in the very first class of Aaron Price Fellows, Class of 1994. Willie excelled in everything he did through a combination of talent, intelligence and determination. He was an honor student, gifted athlete, student leader and caring community member. Tragically, Willie was killed in a drive-by shooting on his high school graduation night, three days before he was to leave for Cornell University.

In honor of Willie’s memory, the Price Family created the annual Willie James Jones Scholarship Award. Fellows and staff vote for one male and one female graduating Fellow that best exemplify the characteristics that made Willie Jones an extraordinary young man. The selected Fellows each receive a $2,500 award.

Willie James Jones Award

Sol and Hellen Price

Helen & Sol Price Scholarships

$2,500 Scholarships

In honor of Aaron Price Fellows Program founder Sol Price and his wife Helen, three $2,500 scholarships are awarded each year to graduating Fellows who have excelled in the program.

Helen & Sol Price Scholarships

Jaquelyn & Destiny

Jacquelyn Sherman-Rustin Perseverance Scholarship

$2,500 Scholarship

Jacquelyn Sherman-Rustin served as the Executive Director of the Aaron Price Fellows Program from 1994-2014. Each year, one graduating Fellow who has demonstrated the ability to persevere and thrive through challenging circumstances is selected for a $2,500 scholarship.

Jacquelyn Sherman-Rustin Perseverance Scholarship