The Program: Overview


The Aaron Price Fellows Program provides an “up close and personal,” behind-the-scenes look at government, business, non-profit and cultural institutions.

The Aaron Price Fellows Program Overview

The three year Aaron Price Fellows journey includes…

First Year

Year one begins with a summer camp where bonding and friendships start to form between the Fellows. Fellows venture outside their peer groups and “safe-zones.” They begin the process of understanding and embracing their differences. This is done through a series of exercises and workshops that deal with diversity, communication and self-discovery.

Throughout the rest of the year, Fellows visit government, cultural, and non-profit organizations. During each visit, Fellows learn about the role these organizations play in the community and career opportunities.

Second Year

Year two begins with a summer visit to the University of Southern California Wrigley Institute on Catalina Island. Fellows learn about important environmental and marine issues and enjoy many water-related activities such as kayaking and snorkeling. The trip is an opportunity for learning, self-discovery and team-building.

For the remainder of the year, Fellows continue to visit government institutions and attend programs on important issues such as water, bio-medical research and urban planning. Fellows also meet with a college counselor and are encouraged to think about the college process.

Third Year

During the summer before their senior year, Fellows travel to Washington, DC to meet with elected officials, tour important sites including museums and monuments, and learn about many functions of the Federal government. The trip provides an incredible opportunity for travel, career exposure, and bonding with other Fellows.

For the rest of their senior year, Fellows visit leading businesses and non-profit organizations. They also receive additional support with the college admissions process, along with workshops on valuable skills such as public speaking.

At the end of the third year, Fellows participate in a Transitions Program where they focus on the transition from home to college. The year concludes with a graduation ceremony for Fellows and their families.


After graduating from the program, Fellows become part of the Aaron Price Fellows Alumni Association.  The Alumni Association offers networking, mentorship and community engagement opportunities throughout the year.

"Aaron Price Fellows helped open my eyes to the world around me and let me experience things that I never could have done myself.”

Anthony Dobson: Class of 2013